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DAN FRASIER, PE, CCP – Principal

Dan has over 30 years of installation, maintenance, design and commissioning experience, with a specialization in facility performance of critical environments. He speaks throughout the industry on laboratory commissioning for national and international organizations and has served on industry standards committees for airflow and contamination control. Dan’s engineering background provides him with the technical expertise needed to lead Cornerstone while his dedication to commissioning galvanizes his leadership into a solidly cohesive corporate culture. As founder of Cornerstone, Dan directs business development and oversees execution of the commissioning process.

Bo Peterson, PE, LEED AP
Director of Engineering Services

Bo oversees the development and maintenance of all technical processes and documentation with a careful attention to detail. He manages the commissioning staff and delegates responsibility for all Cornerstone projects by skillfully maximizing the strengths of the entire team. Bo enhances LEED projects with a sensible and creative focus on energy efficient building systems and he contributes valuable input from design through occupancy, focusing on the best methods for controlling building systems.

MEP Commissioning Specialist

Dan’s strong system analysis capabilities and unique talent for executing the testing protocols of mechanical, electrical, plumbing and especially building control systems enable him to clearly understand and resolve any possible issues. He is frequently praised for his innate ability to coordinate work with contractors and document test results that proactively and efficiently brings commissioning issues to resolution.

MEP Commissioning Specialist

David has a strong reputation on project teams for his ability to get systems working right and his excellent project coordination with contractors. David’s diverse background as a contractor, engineering manager and plant manager have earned him a unique talent and approach to commissioning.

Director of Operations

Doug ensures consistent project execution by overseeing all progress and managing projects for effectiveness, efficiency and completeness. Doug’s background and knowledge in sustainable design, combined with his organizational leadership experience and interpersonal skills, add a unique and collaborative problem-solving talent to the Cornerstone Team.

MEP Commissioning Specialist

Larry possesses vast experience in building control system programming, commissioning and trouble-shooting. Larry’s strong background in both building operations and maintenance is a tremendous asset in training owners during the turnover phase of Cornerstone’s projects, creating a highly effective hand-off.

Commissioning Engineer

Tim is praised for his diligent attention to detail in system installation and performance. Tim also holds both a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering Science and a Master of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering. His high work ethic and wide technical knowledge acquired throughout his studies inform his approach to commissioning.

Commissioning Specialist

Brian is an expert in building envelope commissioning and energy engineering. His penchant for organized details, thoughtful management style and experience blend well with Cornerstone’s mission for excellence. Brian graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Policy and Master level course work in Energy Management and Business Administration.

PETER CADDLE Commissioning Specialist

Pete’s 35 years in the control industry have given him the experience to assist in creating practical solutions to complex problems. As a “hands on” individual, Pete has not only managed the process of controls installation, he has also functioned as a systems architect, control system software designer, startup technician, and trainer, making him one of most seasoned commissioning specialists.

STEPHEN GANOE Commissioning Specialist

Stephen is one of Cornerstone’s (former) college football players and uses his disciplined attitude to tackle MEP system performance data. He is very strong in assisting with
building tests, documentation, planning and issue tracking. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering and is on track towards becoming a licensed professional engineer.

Internship Program +

Cornerstone is committed to train the younger college-age generation in engineering or other facets of our business. The company’s intern program is designed to introduce the next generation into the business world, allowing each intern to develop his or her own talents.




Dawson is involved in marketing, data base work, and on site commissioning. He has a tendency to display creativity in social media and other marketing networks for businesses. He hopes to improve his work ethic and strengthen his skills through Cornerstone. He is enrolled at Patrick Henry College in Virginia as a history major.


Eric is involved with systems analysis, equipment testing, and on site commissioning. He has worked array of jobs on building sites in years past including construction and past commissioning work. He is enjoying the opportunity to participate in analysis work on job sites and with efficient building design first hand. Eric is a Civil Engineering major with a focus in sustainability at the University of New Hampshire.


Mitchell is involved with consultation, job site visits, and documentation. Although he is particularly fond of hands-on work at job sites, Mitchell thoroughly enjoys learning more and more about commissioning in order to make himself a stronger asset to the company and the project. Other than work at Cornerstone, Mitchell is currently enrolled in aerospace engineering at Iowa State University and is also a member of the football team.


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“Cornerstone’s engineers know how to effectively lead commissioning teams through Integrated Systems Tests. During the most challenging series of tests, when we needed new sequences for failure scenarios, Dan and his staff took the high road by not pointing fingers. Instead, they helped us brainstorm to create resolutions to make a very unique containment facility function in a way we’re all proud of. I recommend them highly for commissioning biocontainment facilities.”



“Cornerstone Commissioning, Inc. has been our commissioning authority of choice at Iowa State University since 2007. I really appreciate the way Cornerstone anticipates our needs and adapts to changing conditions.”



“Cornerstone’s engineers have earned highest praise from our campus designers, facilities managers, administrators, and biological safety community for their professionalism, astonishing attention to detail, and steadfast dedication to each project, from conception to turnover. “UC Davis has worked with Cornerstone Commissioning since 2008 on three BSL3 design and construction projects and on one BSL3 upgrade. Cornerstone’s engineers have earned highest praise from our campus designers, facilities managers, administrators, and biological safety community for their professionalism, astonishing attention to detail, and steadfast dedication to each project, from conception to turnover. Cornerstone has set a standard in containment laboratory commissioning that all who provide commissioning services should aspire to match.”




“Cornerstone Commissioning has been involved in several projects in the past few years. We find their procedures to be unique in so far as being proactive in preparing their data and initiating the process with the construction and design teams. Most impressive is their people, an extremely well rounded group of individuals who are called upon as the project needs warrant. Equally impressive is the ‘can & will do’ attitude. It isn’t a slogan with them, it is a way of life.”




“Cornerstone provides an inclusive and pro-active approach to project commissioning. Their staff’s flexibility to handle peak workload requirements was a key element in keeping Building 33’s aggressive commissioning schedule on track and allowed for maximization of project resources to resolve challenges in a timely fashion.”




Mission Critical

  • Mission Critical

    Most of Cornerstone’s projects have been mission-critical, meaning that they are focused on delivering spaces that have unique environmental requirements. Clients with these types of facilities demand the utmost in high performance for their institutions. Our staff has a keen ability to engage with mission critical project teams from design through occupancy to deliver finely tuned systems with optimal operation for the end users, simplifying the complex to enhance delivery.

    Mission Critical

  • National Institutes of Health

    Location: Bethesda, Maryland
    Size: 275,000 SF
    NIH Porter Neuroscience Research Facility (PNRC)- Vivarium

    The John Edward Porter Neuroscience Research Facility is a state of the art facility, co-locating researchers from ten institutes on the NIH campus. The vivarium had many unique features requiring a detailed testing plan. Among the systems commissioned were ventilated cage rack connections, animal watering system, AAALAC environmental monitoring, lighting controls and downdraft sinks.

    National Institutes of Health

  • Dartmouth College

    Location: Hanover, NH
    Size: 175,000 SF

    Dartmouth College Class of 1978 Life Sciences Building

    Dartmouth’s Class of 1987 Life Sciences Center, awarded the Platinum LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification, was built with the intended use of graduate level teaching and research in the fields of biology, chemistry, neuroscience, medicine, and bioengineering. Along with classrooms and faculty office space, the center has 30 wet labs, computer and project labs, and a 200-seat auditorium.

    Dartmouth College

  • U.S. Department of Agriculture

    Location: Ames, Iowa
    Size: 925,000 SF

    USDA Ames Modernization Project

    In 2003, USDA sought a commissioning authority with strong leadership and laboratory system expertise to deliver a 150,000 SF BSL3Ag large animal containment research facility, a 550,000 SF Consolidated Lab Facility, and another large animal containment facility, plus a central plant with chillers, boilers, combustion turbines, emergency generators and BSL3 waste water treatment. The stringent design and performance criteria called for tight architectural facilities, unique controls and other highly unique systems. As of 2014, this construction project has been Cornerstone’s most challenging, yet most rewarding turnover processes to date. As a result of the highly collaborative approach to commissioning, Cornerstone led a team that successfully completed a very complex project two months ahead of schedule.

    U.S. Department of Agriculture

  • EXAMPLES OF Mission Critical PROJECTS

    • Alcon Laboratories – WV
    • Ames Laboratory – Sensitive Instruments Lab
    • Boston University – Translational Synthetic Chemistry Research Facility
    • Cornell University – Life Science Technology Building
    • Cornell University – Corson Mudd Vivarium
    • Dartmouth College – Burke Chemistry Laboratory
    • Dartmouth College – Campus Data Center
    • Dartmouth College – Life Science Center
    • Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center – Williamson Translational Research Building
    • Federal Bureau of Investigation Laboratories
    • Fletcher Alan Hospital
    • Harvard University – Biological Research Infrastructure
    • Howard Hughes Medical Institute – Janelia Farms – Aquatic / Zebra Fish Suite
    • Howard Hughes Medical Institute – Janelia Farms – Chemical Storage
    • Howard Hughes Medical Institute – Janelia Farms – Electron Microscope Suite
    • Howard Hughes Medical Institute – Janelia Farms – Fly Kitchen and Storage
    • Howard Hughes Medical Institute – Janelia Farms – Media Facility
    • Howard Hughes Medical Institute – Janelia Farms – Optics Lab
    • Howard Hughes Medical Institute – Janelia Farms – Processed Chilled Water
    • Howard Hughes Medical Institute – Janelia Farms – RODI and UPS Systems
    • Iowa State University – Hach Hall Chemistry
    • Iowa State University – Biorenewables Complex
    • Iowa State University – Small Animal Hospital
    • Iowa State University – College of Veterinary Medicine
    • Iowa State University – Central Laboratory Animal Resources
    • Iowa State University – MacKay Hall Laboratory
    • Jefferson Laboratory – TEDF
    • Jefferson Laboratory – Counting House
    • Merck Glycofi Laboratory
    • National Institutes of Health – Porter Neuroscience Research Center
    • National University of Singapore – MD1 Vivarium
    • Novartis Institute for Biomedical Research
    • Novartis Vaccine and Diagnostics
    • Safran Aerospace
    • Smithsonian Institute – Environmental Research Center
    • Smithsonian Institute – National Museum of American History
    • Smithsonian Institute – National Museum of Natural History Tufts University – Collaborative Biology Facility
    • United Therapeutics (Net zero) Corporate Headquarters
    • University of California – Davis – Respiratory Disease Center
    • University of Iowa – PBDP Central Vivarium
    • Vassar College – Science Projects


  • BSL3

    BSL3 Facilities can be very complicated to design, commission, and operate. We understand how to meet challenging compliance requirements in affordable and creative ways using finely-honed methodologies. Through the commissioning of over 75 BSL3 facilities, Cornerstone has gained the experience essential to lead these teams through new, renovation, and existing building operation processes.


  • University of California – Davis

    Location: Davis, California
    Size: 7,500 SF

    UC-Davis – Virology and Immunology Lab

    The Virology and Immunology Laboratory (VIL) Building on the University of California Davis campus, is a National Institute of Health CO6 Grant Funded project. This building provides Biosafety Containment Level 2 and 3 laboratory facilities and supports advanced research on infectious diseases. In 2008, UC-Davis augmented their own commissioning staff with Cornerstone to ensure this critical facility was properly delivered. As a result of Cornerstone’s commissioning approach, the VIL building was approved within a few months of project completion and commissioning. The University was both surprised at the quick approval of the VIL and pleased with the outcome.

    University of California

  • University of Louisville

    Location: Louisville, Kentucky
    Size: 50,000 SF

    UofL – Center for Predictive Medicine Expansion

    In 2010, the University of Louisville decided to expand its Center of Predictive Medicine. The researchers at this laboratory are dedicated to prevent infectious diseases. The facility contains BSL3 Laboratories, Offices, and Animal Research Facilities. Cornerstone was selected as the commissioning authority because of its extensive experience in the verification of BSL3 facilities, having a high level of biocontainment, biomedical research laboratories and vivariums, and related auxiliary services in a high security environment. Cornerstone met extremely stringent directional airflow control requirements and met complicated NIH design requirements.

    University of Louisville

  • Tufts University

    Location: North Grafton, Massachusetts
    Size: 37,000 SF

    Tufts University – New England Regional Biocontainment

    The New England Regional Biocontainment Laboratory (NERBL) is dedicated to the study of existing and emerging infectious diseases, toxin-mediated diseases and medical countermeasures important to biodefense. The building has biosafety level-3 (BSL3) suites and animal biosafety level-3 (ABSL3) suites, including aerobiology and insectary laboratories. Cornerstone used their BSL3 operation experience to ensure the optimal performance of the building’s labs and control systems. From the design phase to final programming, Cornerstone facilitated the commissioning process and found solutions to issues ranging from directional airflow issues to steam production issues. Tufts recognized Cornerstone’s value and hired the company to return each year to verify the operation of the laboratories for compliance with biosafety guidelines. The building now has a reputation for meeting (and even surpassing) the performance of all other NIH Regional Biocontainment Facilities.

    Tufts University


    • Aberdeen Proving Grounds – Sample Receipt Laboratory
    • American Type Culture Collection
    • Brooks Air Force Base
    • Dana Farber Cancer Research Institute
    • Iowa State University – Veterinary Medicine Institute – 3 Lab Facilities
    • Iowa State University – Veterinary Diagnostics Laboratory
    • Lawrence Livermore Laboratory
    • Eagleson Institute – BSL3 Course Instructors
    • Oregon Health Science University
    • Massachusetts General Hospital
    • Medical University of South Carolina
    • Mount Sinai Medical Center
    • National Institutes of Health – Bill C.W. Young Building 33
    • New Jersey Public Health Laboratory
    • Penn State University – Pell Biological Research Institute
    • Singapore Ministry of Heath – BSL3 Lab Certifiers
    • State University of New York – Stonybrook
    • Tufts University – NIH NIAD Regional Biocontainment Lab
    • Tufts University – Boston and North Grafton Small Labs
    • USDA – Ames Modernization Project – Building 9 BSL3Ag Facility
    • USDA – Ames Modernization Project – Consolidated Laboratory Facility
    • University of California – Davis – Building 3B
    • University of California – Davis – Center for Comparative Medicine
    • University of California – Davis – GBSF
    • University of California – Davis – J1 Lab
    • University of California – Davis – Virology Immunology Lab
    • University of San Diego – Stein Building
    • University of Chicago – NIH NIAID Regional Biocontainment Lab
    • University of Georgia – Animal Health Research Center
    • University of Louisville – NIH NIAID Regional Biocontainment Lab Expansion
    • University of Massachusetts – Morrill Hall
    • University of Minnesota – Veterinary Diagnostics
    • University of Minnesota – Microbiology and Biology Research Building
    • University of Vermont
    • Vaccine Gene Therapy Institute

  • Existing Buildings

    • Existing Buildings

      Cornerstone’s Existing Building Commissioning process (EBCx) uncovers costly hidden performance issues. Over time, building operation is degraded if systems are not properly maintained and adjusted. Our methodologies include investigation, evaluation, remediation, and verification. The benefit of EBCx has provided owners with long-term environmental stability in many mission-critical facilities.

      Existing Buildings

    • Howard Hughes Medical Institute – Janelia Farms Research Park

      Location: Ashburn, Virginia
      Size: 600,000 SF

      HHMI – Chilled Water Plant

      Janelia Farms, in Ashburn, VA, is part of Howard Hughes Medical Institute’s scientific program and is a world-class biomedical pioneering research center. In 2011 Cornerstone was selected to review the operation of the HHMI Research Facility. The plant’s chilled water operation had a history of being unreliable, threatening the critical research that was underway at the institution. Cornerstone was brought in to identify what was causing the failures and provide a solution to increase the reliability. The Cornerstone team worked together to develop a solution that re-used the majority of the existing equipment and did not require the purchase of any additional expensive equipment.

      Howard Hughes Medical Institute

    • Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

      Location: Cambridge, Massachusetts
      Size: >1M SF

      MIT Buildings 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 13, 14, and 66

      MIT has been rapidly refurbishing and expanding its campus since 2007. Along with creating new classrooms and dormitories, the institute has also carried through with a variety of scientific and research building projects. Cornerstone’s work at MIT has mainly centered upon verifying the performance of building systems and equipment. Throughout its involvement on the MIT campus, the company has had the ability to successfully display commissioning services ranging from renovation of century-old existing buildings to the basic commissioning of new dormitories to ensuring safety within critical areas.

      Massachusetts Institute of Technology

    • Amherst College

      Location: Amherst, Massachusetts
      Size: 120,000 SF

      Amherst College – Robert Frost Library

      Amherst College’s Frost Library has been in operation since its dedication by President John F. Kennedy in 1963. Named after Robert Frost, poet and Amherst Professor, the facility houses large volumes of paper and digital documents. Cornerstone was hired in 2014 to improve environmental control performance for artifact storage and for building occupants. Energy models and data acquisition are part of Cornerstone’s solutåion to help Amherst College serve its student body for years to come.

      Amherst College

    • EXAMPLES OF Existing Buildings PROJECTS

      • Amherst College – Beneski Hall
      • Amherst College – Dormitory
      • Amherst College – Frost Library
      • Amherst College – Power House
      • Dartmouth College – Burke Chemistry
      • Fanny Alan Hospital – AHU Controls
      • Fletcher Alan Hospital – Chilled Water Plant
      • Fletcher Alan Healthcare – Baird Building
      • Fletcher Alan Hospital – McClure Building AHUs
      • Gallaudet University
      • Howard Hughes Medical Institute – Chilled Water plant
      • Jefferson Lab – Clean Rooms
      • Novartis Institute for Biomedical Research
      • Iowa State University – College of Veterinary Medicine
      • Iowa State University – Sweeney Hall
      • Massachusetts Institute of Technology – Rapid Response Studies (10 buildings)
      • Massachusetts Institute of Technology – Building 66 Renovation & EBCx


    • Traditional

      Through the Traditional Commissioning Services, Cornerstone acts on the owner’s behalf to lead the project team through the process, saving building owners millions in operating costs and has enhanced the turnover from acceptance to occupancy.

      Some of our past clients include Dartmouth College, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, Harvard University, Iowa State University, Boston University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the Smithsonian Institutes, and the US Army Corps of Engineers.


    • Dartmouth College

      Location: Hanover, New Hampshire
      Size: 80,000 SF

      Dartmouth College – Class of 1953 Dining Facility

      The Class of 1953 Commons provides a modern dining facility with more space for eating, studying, and gathering for up to 1,000 students, faculty, and staff. The original 73 year-old building was remodeled and modernized to better serve the students and reduce energy usage. Along with an innovative kitchen exhaust system, the dining facility has a refrigeration heat recovery system. Cornerstone successfully reduced the steam usage by 60% and lowered the electrical usage by 20% even after adding air conditioning to the building.

      Dartmouth College

    • Safran Aerospace Engineering Company

      Location: Rochester, New Hampshire
      Size: 360,000 SF

      Safran Aerospace

      Safran is a French aerospace engineering and security company specializing in designing and manufacturing rocket and aircraft engine components. In 2012, during the construction phase, Safran hired Cornerstone Commissioning to act as a third party commissioning entity on their behalf. This project had many elements and issues that made a commissioning team even more valuable and important. Due to Cornerstone’s success within the project, the company was given a contract to perform “soft landing” services, including monitoring, tuning and training of facility engineers and staff after turnover.

      Safran Aerospace Engineering Company

    • Service Credit Union

      Location: Portsmouth, New Hampshire
      Size: 100,000 SF

      Service Credit Union Headquarters

      The Service Credit Union, the largest credit union in New Hampshire, has served military and civilian customers since the 1950s. In 2012, Cornerstone was hired as the commissioning authority to aid in the construction process and verification of a new Service Credit Union building in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. The scope of work included ensuring energy savings, creating water efficiency, reducing CO2 emissions, and improving the general indoor environmental quality. The building received a LEED Gold Certification.

      Service Credit Union


      • Ames (IA) Public Library
      • Brattleboro Retreat Center
      • Cardigan Mountain School – New Dining Facility
      • Dartmouth College – Alumni Gym
      • Dartmouth College – 7 Lebanon St Retail
      • Dartmouth College – Class of 1953 Commons Dining
      • Dartmouth College – Hanover Inn (campus hotel)
      • Dartmouth College – McLaughlin Cluster Dorms
      • Dartmouth College – Rugby Club House
      • Dartmouth College – Tuck Mall Dormitory
      • Dartmouth College – Tuck Living & Learning Center
      • Dartmouth College – Visual Arts Center
      • Durham (NH) Public Library
      • Green Mountain Coffee Roasters – Production Facility Addition
      • Iowa State University – Curtiss Hall
      • Iowa State University – Football Training Center
      • Iowa State University – Hansen Ag Student Center
      • Iowa State University – Lagomarcino
      • Iowa State University – Marston Hall
      • Iowa State University – Recreation Facility
      • Iowa State University – Troxel Hall Auditorium
      • Massachusetts Institute of Technology – NW35 Dormitory
      • Massachusetts Institute of Technology – W1 Dormitory
      • Massachusetts Institute of Technology – W91 Chilled Water System
      • Northbranch Construction – Corporate Headquarters
      • Trip Advisors – Corporate Headquarters
      • Service Credit Union – Corporate Headquarters


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